Ryoichi Nakamura was born in 1982 in Tokyo. Painter
He entered the Department of Fine Art in Tokyo Zokei University in 2002 and withdrew in 2004 to pursue a career in Berlin. He spent the next four years in Berlin, as artist-in-residence at Kunsthaus Tacheles, then founding and organizing an exhibition space for young artists, Gallery Waschaus. In 2006, he audited Katharina Grosse's course "Abstraction, Realism and Virtual Reality" at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissenssee. In 2008 he returned to Japan and has since been involved in residences and exhibitions in Japan and abroad. He won the grand prize of the Fourth Article Art Award in 2011.

School history

2006 Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissenssee.KHB, Prof.Katharina Grosse, Guest listener. Summer term. (Germany)
2002 Tokyo Zokei university. Fine art, oil painting (2004 stop to study) (Japan)
1998 Exchange Program Between Tokyo and Berlin. Japan foundation


2014 17th TARO Award. Selected (Tokyo)
2011 4th Article Award. Grand Prize (Tokyo)


2015~2016 Pola Art Foundation, Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists, NY & LA
2013~2014 28th Holbein scholarship

Public Collection

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Solo Exhibition

2018 Gallery Tsubaki GT2 (Tokyo)
2016 "Confused Utopia", KOKI ARTS (Tokyo)
2016 "Confused Utopia", Parenthesis Art Space, Brooklyn Brush Studios 203 (New York)
2015 "Recollections" KOKI ARTS (Tokyo)
2013 Gallery Tsubaki (Tokyo)
2012 "The world has begun to quietly say,"No", LIXIL GALLERY (INAX GALLERY), Gallery 2 (Tokyo)
2012 Niche Gallery (Tokyo)
2011 4th Article Award. Turner Gallery (Tokyo)
2009 "Confused Utopia", Gallery 156 (Tokyo)
2005 Gallery Rodolfo. Art en laboratorio (Berlin)

Selected Group Exhibition

- 08 "Kota Hirakawa & Ryoichi Nakamura, TOHO BEADS STYLE Gallery t (Tokyo)
- 12 "Ryoichi Nakamura & Kotaro Inoue", YIRI ARTS (Takao/ Taiwan)
- 05 "Parallel Lives: Chicago", Zhou b Art Center (Chicago)
- 04 "Untitled (Affection)", Parenthesis Art Space (New York)
- 03 "Spring Show, Gallery Tsubaki (Tokyo)

- 10 "Kama City Residence Biennale"
Organizer: The Future, Kama City Office.
Kama City’s Oda Hiroki Museum Oda Hiroki Museum (Fukuoka), Shibaura House (Tokyo)

- 04 "Spring Fair", Gallery Tsubaki (Tokyo)

- 04 "Spring Fair", Gallery Tsubaki (Tokyo)

- 11 "The Color of Future", Turner Gallery / Curator: Chiaru Ninagawa Organizer: THE TURNER COLOUR WORKS LTD (Tokyo)
- 07 4th Article Award. A winner exhibition. Turner Gallery (Tokyo)
- 04 "Japan Congo" Garage Center for Contemporary Culture (Moscow, Russia)


- 09 "Somebody", Lunch Project. Toronto School of Art / Curator: by Lyla Rye (Toronto)

2008 4th Article Award. Turner Gallery (Tokyo)
- 02 "Psycho", Gallery Waschhaus (Berlin)

- 07 "Melissa Steckbauer + Ryoichi Nakamura", Gallery Waschhaus (Berlin)
- 05 ''Smash'' Gallery artist, Marcel Tasler, Gerald Falo Sole. Gallery Waschhaus (Berlin)

- 12 "Ryoichi Nakamura + Hirofumi Matsuzaki", Gallery Waschhaus (Berlin)
- 11 Gallery artists and Guest artists. Gallery Birthe Laursen (Copenhagen)

2005 Gallery Rodolfo. Art en laboratorio (Berlin)
- 05 China, Japan and Korea", Gallery Rodolfo (Berlin)

- 11 ABC kunstservice (Berlin)
- 05 "Isst du gerade meinen Tofu?", Backfabrik / Curator: Hsiu-Ling Chi, Eri Kawamura, Erika Magnusson, Lisa Schreiber (Berlin)

Art fair

2018 Spring Break Art Show (New York)
2017 Seattle Art Fair (Seattle)
2017 Art Formosa (Taipei)
2017 3331 Art Fair (Tokyo)
2016 Seattle Art Fair (Seattle)
2016 Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo)
2016 Art on Paper(New York)
2015 Young Art Taipei (Taipei)
2012 Art Show Busan (Busan)
2011 ASYAAF (Seoul)
2010 Art Fair Kyoto (Kyoto)

Artist in Residence

2015.05-08 The Future Residency, The Kama City Residency Biennale. (Fukuoka. Japan)
2009.05-07 Toronto School of Art. Independent Summer Residence. (Toronto)

Personal history

2010Working as an assitant of Kinosho Kikaku-Gallery156
2009Stayed in Toronto and worked at Toronto school of Art
2008Live and work in Tokyo
2008Move to Tokyo
2006Open alternative space waschhaus in Berlin
2006Supported by Rudi Gleichifeld Foundation for culture and art(Berlin)
2006Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissenssee. KHBGuest listener. Summer term.( Berlin )
2005A regular artist of the gallery Rodolfo ( Berlin )
2004Work at the studio in the Kunsthouse,Tacheles(Berlin )
2003Live and work in Berlin
2003Move to Berlin
2002Tokyo Zokei university,Fine art, oil painting. (2004, stop to study)(Tokyo)
2001Tachikawa art school, Fine art, Oil painting(Tokyo)
1998Exchange Program Between Tokyo and Berlin. Japan foundation